Hello world!

I have decided to write a blog.  I am not sure why I felt the need to tell you that just now, since, if you are actually reading this then you must know that already.  I didn’t just decide, though; I have reasons.  I want to write, and I think there might be someone out there who might actually be interested in what I have to say, so I decided on a blog instead of a diary with a little lock on it stored under my mattress.

Here goes!  I am passionate about food and fitness so I plan to focus my energy there.  I enjoy finding healthy new recipes, then forcing my husband to eat them against his will; usually he is cool with that.  Sometimes he is not such a big fan.  Hopefully I can document some of that.  As far as the fitness part goes, I am a newly certified group fitness leader, and I will start teaching my first class in less than two weeks!  Exciting, right?  I am also in the process of becoming a yoga instructor, which I am VERY pumped about – I am looking forward to deepening my practice and sharing the gift of yoga with others.  I hope to share the ups and downs of my yoga and fitness leadership right here on this little blog.  Wish me luck!


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