Welcome to Spring!

This whole winter has been unusual in Alberta, Canada (where I live):  we typically have very cold temperatures and get a lot of snow, but for some reason, that didn’t really happen this year.  It hardly snowed at all, and we had a very mild winter, temperature wise.  In fact, Spring seemed to have arrived early, in that temperatures were consistently above freezing, and all the snow had melted from our yard by last weekend.  But alas, it was not to be.  On Monday, we experienced a freak snow storm so severe that it took me over two hours to drive home from a city about half an hour away, AND the highway was shut down for the evening (thankfully I was able to get home first!).  Tuesday was the first day of Spring, but it certainly didn’t look like it in my yard.  It didn’t just snow Monday, either – it KEPT snowing…and I had to shovel FOUR times this week!  And when I say “I had to shovel,” I don’t mean a little skiff of snow; I mean wet, heavy snow up well over my boots that needed to be cleared so I could walk to the dog run, get to the garage, and get my SUV (equipped with good winter tires) out of the gback yard.

This is what my back yard looked like after I finished shoveling on Thursday night – and the picture doesn’t really do justice to the amount of snow that was actually there.  The snow itself doesn’t really bother me, especially because it’s not really that cold out right now.  The crappy part?  My husband is working out-of-town for two weeks and left Monday morning.  He didn’t even see any of the snow, let alone help me shovel it…nope, the shoveling has been all mine!  So aside from one yoga class, and the two circuit classes I teach on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (come to think of it, I cancelled Tuesday’s class because many of my participants weren’t able to get out of their yards after the snow on Monday night), my workouts this week have been simply running with the dogs and shoveling.  You know what, though?  Shoveling heavy snow works up a sweat, so I’ll take it!


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