Quickie Update

Hello my lovely blog readers!

This will be a super quick update post, since I still have hours of homework to do, and I plan to go play softball with some friends after dinner.  Lots has happened this week, and like usual, I’ve been too busy to write about it…plus my husband has been home since Monday night, so forgive me if I felt like spending my free time with him.  He goes back to work tomorrow morning for 3 more weeks.  Sigh.

I got in quite a few good workouts this week, and Rob even came to take my class on Thursday morning!  That made him realize that he is getting out of shape, so he promises to start working out again at the gym in his work camp.  He stopped going to the gym when he started working out-of-town, and that hurt my heart a little bit, so it’s good to see him getting back into healthiness.

On Wednesday, I finally got to see my liver specialist about my second biopsy results.  We have confirmation about my tumor, and it’s not what my doctors originally thought – it’s the worse of the two possibilities*.  It’s called an Hepatic Adenoma, and it has to come out.  Apparently there is a fairly high risk of it becoming malignant later on, and I certainly don’t want to mess around with that!  Because it’s growing so rapidly already, there is also a pretty significant risk of it rupturing if it gets too big…especially if we get pregnant, which we were working on before the liver tumor reared it’s ugly little head.  Anyway…surgery is planned for September, and I will be out of commission for 8 weeks, and then will have to take it easy for about a month after that. 8 whole weeks!!!  Poop.

I am not looking forward to that 8 weeks.  Even when I am so super busy that I don’t have time to breathe, I still fit in workouts.  Exercise is pretty much a necessity for me lately.  Life was pretty sucky when I hurt my back and had to take it easy on the exercise front – and this won’t be “take it easy,” it will be “donothing.”  Double Poop.

My doctordidtell me that I would be able to do some light walking after a while, and that I could probably swim and maybe do some light yoga after about a month, but I have to be very careful not to do anything that will put strain on my abdominal wall.  I guess I will be improving the front crawl and all of the leg work in my standing poses.  I will also get to read, and maybe spend some more time writing, without the stress of work involved…so there are definitely some positives involved here!

*worse of the two possibilities is still pretty good by comparison.  A cancerous tumor would be much, much worse, so I am VERY thankful to be dealing with this little setback!


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