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the view from my mat

In the yoga world (as in the world at large) you will run into a small population of die hard opinionated people who take their belief systems to an all time extreme. In yoga these over-opinionated folks tend to take the teachings of the Yamas and Niyamas quite literally and very passionately.  I have total respect for these people in the same way that I have total respect for people who are really into their religion.  However where these yoga extremists lose me is in their judgement of others… Criticism and harsh words go hand-in-hand with everything yoga is not about.

You know that yogi who starts bawking about the philosophic teachings of yoga in that typically condescending and self riotous kind of way?  Whether they’re really into sobriety, or are sexually repressing themselves in the name of brahmacharya, or are super-vegans who live on a diet of nuts…

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