What to Bring to Yoga:

What do you need to bring to Yoga class?

1. A positive attitude – if you have this, you have everything…no matter what physical limitations you might carry with you!

2. A yoga mat – any mat will do to start, though the better quality of mat you practice with, the safer and more effective your practice will be.  I know many yogis who practice happily with a Jade yoga mat, and I use a Manduka Pro Lite myself.  For students in my area, Home Hardware in Lloydminster carries a decent selection of mats.

3. A water bottle – I teach Vinyasa Flow style classes where you can expect to sweat; it’s important to stay hydrated.

  • You DO NOT need to wear shoes – we practice yoga in bare feet!
  • You need to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move in a variety of directions.
  • Expect to sweat, so you may want to bring a small towel.
  • There will be a relaxation component at the end of each class – you may want socks, a sweater, or a small blanket for this portion.
  • Like with any fitness activity, it is best NOT to eat a large meal right before coming to yoga class, but please ensure you aren’t famished when you arrive!

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