The Pragmatic Hippie’s Thoughts on Safer Skincare


BCThose of you who know me in real life, or have been following this page for a while have probably realized that I’m a bit “granola” and kind of a “hippie.” It’s totally true, and there is no use denying it. I like to hang my laundry on the line when it’s warm enough, I use essential oils regularly (though I’ve made some important changes about HOW I use them), I try to avoid harmful synthetic chemicals, I typically try to reduce my carbon footprint, and I use a shit tonne of coconut oil. I even tried making my own laundry detergent for a while. PRO-TIP: don’t do that; it doesn’t really work, and you will smell faintly of BO, even with freshly washed clothes on.
In addition to being a hippie, though, I’m also a pragmatist, so after a whole bunch of spectacular failures, I have finally come to realize that I prefer to make decisions based on real life, and actual EVIDENCE. Part of that is recognizing that synthetic doesn’t always mean BAD, and “natural” doesn’t always mean safe. Seriously – I can’t count the number of times that I’ve heard someone utter the phrase, “it can’t hurt you because it’s NATURAL.”
Umm…have you ever heard of poison ivy? How about rattlesnake venom? That shit is ALL NATURAL my friends, but that doesn’t make it safe!
I now know that it’s better to have information about what I’m putting into and on my body, and then making logical decisions based on that evidence. Sometimes I opt for the cheapest, or most convenient options, even when that doesn’t entail making something from scratch, or choosing all organic. That means my kid knows that fries come from drivethroughs, and I do a lot of online shopping for the convenience factor, even though I try to shop local when it works, It’s called BALANCE. And sanity.
So all of that brings me to talking about skincare and makeup products: I’ve tried a bunch of different things in recent years. Some of it was totally organic and “natural” but didn’t work worth a shit. Some of it was kinda effective, but took a whole bunch of effort, or contained ingredients that I didn’t feel good about, or didn’t know what they were (if you’re interested, ask me more about what the ingredient “fragrance” tells you about a product. HINT: the answer is kinda terrifying). Some of it contained “natural” ingredients that were unregulated, and I later found out were actually harmful.  All of the stuff I tried was lacking enough that I kept searching for something better. And I think I’ve found it! For the last few months I’ve been using Beautycounter skincare products. Beautycounter is committed to making the world healthier, and to getting safer products into our homes and our hands. They have a “never list” of crap products that they just won’t use – even if both the US and Canada are actually pretty terrible at regulating personal care products, and they are very transparent about what ingredients are in each of their products.  On top of providing safer products, I can honestly say that the Beautycounter products I’ve been using over the last little while are really fantastic and effective as well – my skin is doing great, even though I’m less than 6 months postpartum, which means I’m both hormonal and tired as Hell.  It’s good stuff:  safer, effective skincare, body care, and make up products that you can feel good about using for yourself and your families.  Check out a video here.
I promise NOT to be one of those super annoying people who post every day with a giveaway or a contest or a promotion, but I DO think this stuff is pretty great, so if I’m going to talk about it with my friends,  I might as well try to make some cash…so YUP – I want to sell you shit.  But I won’t be an asshole about it.  If you want to know more, just ask, or if you’re already sold, you can visit to order some really great stuff that you can trust is safe to use.