Vanilla Protein Cold Brew Latte Recipe

I got a number of comments and messages yesterday after posting a picture of a cold brew latte I made at home, so here’s the recipe:

Step 1 – make your cold brew

There are plenty of tutorials available online, but I have a French Press, so this is essentially the process I followed.  I used about 2x the ground beans as i would for normal coffee, added room temperature water, and let it sit in my press on the counter for 12 hours.  Then I pushed down the plunger, and poured my cold brew into a jar to store in the fridge.  Some of the tutorials I read called for straining through a coffee filter or a cheesecloth, but I find that my French Press doesn’t leave a lot of grounds behind, so I skipped this step.

If you don’t have a press, I’m told you can cold brew your coffee in a jar, and then strain through a coffee filter.  Let me know if you try this method.

*obviously 12 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for coffee, so a few times now I’ve made a pot right after brewing my morning coffee, or put some on in the evening so it can sit overnight.  Then I just store a few large jars; you could likely pour some into a pitcher for yourself as well.


Step 2 – make ice

This step is optional, but I like to add the extra chill of ice WITHOUT diluting my coffee, so I made extra coffee one morning, and poured the leftover into two ice cube trays.  I keep my coffee ice cubes in a big ziplock bag in the freezer, and toss two into my blender for a cold brew latte.


Step 3 – add mix-ins

In my latte you will find

  1. milk alternative since I can’t have dairy (I made my own oat milk recently and it’s awesome, but I’ve used almond/coconut/cashew milk, or even a non-dairy coffee creamer).  If I could have dairy, I might consider adding Bailey’s or another cream liqueur for a boozy treat.
  2. a splash of pure vanilla extract
  3. a scoop of collagen peptides (odorless, tasteless, and completely unnoticeable blended into coffee or smoothies); a quick, easy way to add protein to my diet.
  4. a dash of cinnamon
  5. about 1/2 a teaspoon of raw, local honey.  I buy mine from a local farmer’s market – Flint Farm Honey in Paradise Valley, AB

I blend it all up in my vitamix, and pour into a mug or jar.  It comes out creamy and frothy, so I usually let it sit and settle for a couple of minutes before I sip.



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