Confession Time

I’m a quitter.  Well maybe not a quitter, exactly; more like a pauser.  Yes – we will go with that – I’m a pauser.  What am I talking about, you ask?  Well, let me tell you…

Remember back a few weeks when I told you all about the 17 Day Diet, and how I had started it back up?  Yeah…about that.  I made it as far as Day 7 into Cycle 1 and then hit pause.  I know, I know – I’m a terrible person and an even worse role model.  My bad.  But at least let me explain!

I have been out-of-town for ten out of the last fourteen days with medical appointments, yoga teacher training, and Diploma exam marking.  Of the four days that I was at home, I spent three evenings at school past 10pm doing work to try to catch up and/or prepare for being away.  The one remaining night was my massage followed by a yoga class, so I didn’t get home until after 7:30pm.  On top of that, my husband has also been working out-of-town, so he isn’t around to help with meals, AND I started teaching my new fitness class, which takes me time to plan.  Crazy, right?  I tried so hard to make time for meal planning and cooking, but that just didn’t really pan out.  I still ate relatively healthy food, I just included pasta and pizza in there a few times.  At least it was whole grain pizza with lots of veggies!  Oh, and I always ate a garden salad – not a Caesar salad, either; that crap doesn’t even count as salad it’s so bad for you.  Part of me feels a little guilty, but at the same time I also realize that I am human and need to do what is best for all of me, which includes prioritizing my time once in a while in order to maintain my sanity.  Sometimes that means microwaving something I’ve got in the freezer, or ordering the healthiest options on the take out menu* so that I don’t have to spend time cooking.  It just kinda sucks that “sometimes” has encompassed almost all of the past two weeks.

Oh, well – c’est la vie!  I will get back on track very soon – I’m out-of-town again Friday morning for the whole weekend, and I have realized that it just doesn’t work to start a new eating plan when you can’t actually cook for yourself, so Monday it is!

* I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about The 17 Day Diet; you can stay on the diet and still eat out once in a while, even during Cycle 1.  For me in these crazy last two weeks, though, it was almost every day.  Generally speaking, though, it is actually pretty doable to fit the diet into your lifestyle, so long as you plan your weekly meals and can make some time for cooking.  When we did Cycles 1-3 before, we found that the keys were planning and routine; two things I just haven’t been able to manage in the last two weeks.